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Facial Cleansers

Oil Based Facial Cleansers

Do not be fooled by harsh detergent based facial cleansers. These do not stop at removing dirt or makeup, but extract your skin’s crucial nutrients and lipids, leaving it dry and flaky. The best facial cleansers remove the dirt and makeup, not only leaving the nutrients, but also add nourishing and moisturizing substances while doing so. This is accomplished by, believe it or not, oils.

Facial cleaning generally targets things like built up grease, makeup and other types of Schmutz[1]. To borrow from our high school chemistry, the saying goes: “like dissolves like”. To remove fats, grease and oils from the skin, use products that can dissolve them, such as natural plant oils. Most of the oils used today in cosmetics not only dissolve fats and its cohorts, but are inherently moisturizing and provide essential nutrients to your skin. It’s really a no-brainer!

Contrary to popular concerns, oil based facial cleansers to not block the pores. In fact, they help to clean out the excess oils that build up in the pores. The oils that remain on the skin are quickly absorbed and are even used for problematic skin, such as acne, blackheads and pimples.

Dorith Kosmetik® Cleansing Lotion (Reinigungsmilch) is a luxurious facial cleanser that cleans gently, leaving the skin soft and silky. Made with powerful plant extracts* and organic oils, Dorith Cleansing Lotion refreshes and revitalizes your face. The Dorith Cleansing Lotion helps lock in moisture with Aloe vera polysaccharides, vegetable glycerin and sunflower lecithin, rich in phosphatidylcholine.

The mild lemon fragrance from natural extracts supports antiaging, calms the mind and refreshes the spirit. It helps you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

All the ingredients in Dorith Cleansing Lotion (Reinigungsmilch)  are non-GMO, vegan and have not been tested on animals other than the human owners of Dorith Kosmetik. Dorith Cleansing Lotion does not contain any chemical preservatives.


the owners test cleansing lotion

Use Dorith Kosmetik® Cleansing Lotion (Reinigungsmilch) before bed, as it removes makeup and pollutants and opens your pores to breathe and regenerate, nourishes and protects the skin while you sleep. Use it in the morning to remove built-up fats and prepare your skin for the upcoming day.



*Look for our blog about plant extracts in cosmetic products - coming soon!


All images in this article: © Dorith Kosmetik GmbH

[1] Schmutz is German for Dirt

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