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Grander Water in Dorith Kosmetik

The Energy of Water in Dorith Kosmetik!

Water nourishes, renews, and sustains all life.  It is a vital conduit of energy and information in the natural world.  Through relationships with the natural elements and environmental forces, with which it comes into contact, water develops its unique qualities.​​

Healthy water is alive and pulsing with these beneficial qualities, which are passed along to all living beings that come into contact.  To sustain this optimal condition, however, water must be allowed to maintain its natural functions and connection to the natural world.  Modern environments and methods of water treatment strip water of these abilities. ​​

GRANDER® restores the beneficial energy and information water needs to rebuild its energizing inner qualities.  Unlike filters, whose benefits are derived from removing contaminants from the water, the GRANDER® products improve water quality by improving the water's internal structure and enhancing its energetic quality.​​​​ These pictures of ice crystals taken through a microscope give an indication of how energy is lost through the processing of water through our modern technology. The picture on the left is pure spring water - in the middle is tap water - on the right shows water that has passed through the Grander apparatus.


Spring water   Tap water       Grander water 


Benefits of GRANDER® Revitalized Water:

  • ​​Adds to the desire to drink water with a pleasant taste and smooth texture
  • Encourages the strong growth of plants and flowers
  • Promotes a sense of well-being while bathing and showering
  • Is preferred by many animals
  • Keeps food fresh for longer
  • Ensures the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Gives food an exquisite, fresh taste

Starting IMMEDIATELY, ALL Dorith Kosmetik® products that contain water have been energized with Grander® water.  The energy from Grander® water supercharges the cosmetic products, providing an explosion of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, soothing, smoothing and rejuvenating power!

Order your Dorith Kosmetik® products today to benefit from this amazing water!



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