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Augencreme Cellular Energy
How are we improving our Eye Cream?

The Eye Cream gets a Make-Over!

Well, it is that time again – we are developing a new product! Or rather, we are improving upon the existing formula and making it an even better version of itself. That’s right, for the benefit of the delicate skin around our eyes we are modernizing our Eye Cream with exciting new raw materials and innovative actives.

The advantages of the new formulation at a glance:

  1. No allergens
  2. Addition of anti-aging ingredients
  3. No irritating perfumes
  4. High yield
  5. Increased mitochondrial energy production

The skin around our eyes is not only quite thin but also very sensitive. Therefore, we have to be very careful with what we apply to that area. It is important to choose materials that are gentle and non-abrasive. We aim to exclude irritating fragrances and perfumes from our formulations and avoid raw materials that are potentially allergy-inducing to help maintain that protective skin barrier.

The materials we decided to include in our new Eye Cream formulation are:

  • Black cumin seed oil – an old secret of the ancient Egyptians that vitalizes and reenergizes the cells (read our blog about B’utyQuin to learn more)
  • Pomegranate seed and green tea extract – a special formulation that above all tones the skin and has highly valued anti-aging properties
  • Baobab oil – a very versatile oil with a strong antioxidant effect
  • Evening Primrose oil – an oil known for its anti-inflammatory effects that also moisturizes and is ideal for treating rough skin

In combination with the ingredients already used in the previous Eye Cream, these special plant-based raw materials result in a smooth and energized feeling on the skin. Quite a few product testers are already excited about the product!

  • Ich finde die Augencreme sehr gut! Sehr ergiebig und geruchsneutral. Lässt sich sehr gut auftragen und zieht sehr schnell ein.

    Andrea K.
  • Die Augencreme wird von mir mit "Sehr gut" bewertet. Sie reizt nicht, ist sehr gut verträglich und riecht angenehm. Zudem ist sie sehr ergiebig, zieht gut ein und hat eine gute Wirkung!

    Sigrid N.

Intensive research has shown that the Eye Cream cannot, unfortunately, be absorbed by our glasses (we tested this extensively), but it does work pretty well on the skin as is. Take a look at our newest little video on the subject! We are quite proud of it and look forward to your feedback!

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